Semi truck accidents are not like car

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Many personal injury attorneys treat a tractor trailer crash as a bigger car crash. In reality, not only are the consequences frequently more devastating than a two-car crash, a collision with a semi truck is very different legally. Proper litigation of an injured party’s claim requires an attorney who is experienced in handling 18-wheeler accidents.

At Nebraska Insurance Lawyer, our attorneys know the trucking industry, the regulations that govern it, and how the trucking companies use the law to keep them from being accountable under the law. More importantly, because of our experience in handling truck accident cases, we ask the right questions and investigate in the right areas. We help our clients hold negligent drivers and trucking companies accountable for the damage they have caused.

Truck Accidents Are Not Like Car Accidents
Because commercial truck drivers are governed by a different set of federal rules, it is important to look for violations of these regulations. For the most part, trucking firms are reluctant to give up any information about their drivers, such as:

  • Log books
  • Maintenance updates
  • Hours of service
  • Hours of training
  • Drug and alcohol tests

However, an experienced truck accident lawyer knows the trucking companies’ secrets. We use our experience to fight for the families and victims of the collision. We help them recover for the injuries and death that result from the industry’s reliance on driver fatigue, inexperience, and other cut corners.

As a small Nebraska law firm, the attorneys at Nebraska Insurance Lawyer know that our clients must come first. We are compassionate and diligent professionals who leverage our extensive resources to work towards the best outcome for our clients. In general, we practice plaintiff personal injury law, including catastrophic personal injury, insurance bad faith, and product liability.

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